Tips for having a better dental healthcare

Tips for having a better dental healthcare

We all now know that washing our hands helps us to fight different bacteria and prevent us from getting other diseases. But how about our mouth when we wake up or go to sleep and throughout the day? People do not pay attention to their oral hygiene as much as they should. They are more concern about their hands, face and body or what to wear. 

One of the key pillars of oral hygiene is having a clean toothbrush. Many people do not realize that their toothbrush can harbor bacteria, blood and saliva for quite some time. This may result in getting various infections and diseases.

So what is the plan now? How can you counter this issue and protect your family and loved ones? Here are some tips that can help you:

Disinfect Your Toothbrush

You can hold your toothbrush in hydrogen peroxide for 15 minutes. Make sure you rinse off your toothbrush before brushing.

But wait a minute . . .

Who has the time to take his toothbrush in the HP and then brush his teeth?

Who can remind them to do this always?

Replace Your Toothbrush (or the head of it)

Dentists recommend people to replace their toothbrush (or toothbrush head, if you are using an electric toothbrush) every 3 or 4 month to prevent from bacteria and germs.

However, is there a way to extend your toothbrush lifespan before changing it and getting a new one?

Properly Store Your Toothbrush

Keeping your toothbrush clean and rinsing after each time you use it is very important. Also, never forget to dry it and store it where there is no moist. A moist environment can cause molds and fungus to grow.

Have you ever checked the bottom of glass or jar where you hold your toothbrush? or seen black dots on the bottom of your toothbrush handle? Those are black molds and fungus.

Disgusting, right? Is there even a good place to hold your toothbrush in your bathroom?

Practice Good Oral Care At Home

Your family is everything. Practicing good health and hygiene and implementing them in your lifestyle is something that you should care and teach your kids from a young age.  With this, you can prepare yourself and your family for anything. Remember, prevention is always better that the cure.

Oral hygiene is no different and is necessary to prevent cavities, gum diseases, etc.

Don’t Brush Where You Flush


Have you paid attention to where you brush your teeth? In most bathrooms, it is half a meter from your toilet. It is repulsive now that you realized it, no?

Just to elaborate more, do you keep your spoon, fork, and glasses near your toilet too? Hope you don’t :)

What the difference between your kitchen utensils and your toothbrush? Is your toothbrush that you use every day not as important as your spoon?

Take and store your toothbrush away from your toilet. Every toilet flush sends a storm of bacteria into the air. You do not want the toilet spray anywhere near your unprotected toothbrush

Careful about this.

Wash Your Hands & Clean Common Areas Often

The bathroom sink and the place where you wash your hands needs to be cleaned often. The water that splashes because of hand washing is not sanitary and normally is all over the place.

Most people keep their toothbrush within the splash zone. It is quite important to store your toothbrush where it is dry or cover it such as in a cabinet or on the wall.

Now how can anyone hold your toothbrush on a wall while also covering it?

Ok, what’s next?

How about a product that do all these together for you, without any noise, problem? A product that will clean your toothbrush automatically without you remembering to do it?

A product that makes you feel better, healthier and safer.

No need to worry about anything else.

Mount, turn on, and leave your bathroom, it knows what it has to do and does the job properly. (Every time with no excuse)

Kallinz toothbrush holder sterilizes your toothbrush with UVC, stores your toothbrush properly, and keeps it dry for the next time you brush your teeth just by pressing one button.